Ok, so while I am playing games like minecraft on it, the touchpad has some issues. For one, the tap-click does not respond , the tap-click is very glitchy and responds like one in ten clicks.

  • After downloading Asus’ latest windows touchpad drivers, and looking at the .inf files shipped with those.
  • Check if there are any missing items and edit the Start registry key.
  • Other causes of this problem are because of the driver, operating system support and very rarely it is because of a bad solid-state drive.

Suddenly it shuts itself down and the light that shows it is charging turned of. You might want to delete any backup software of My Passport. If it doesn’t work, least you can do is try to reinstall windows completely.

How to Fix an Asus Laptop that Keeps Turning Off STEPS

Although I didn’t find it here, other forums show that the 1xxx Nuvi’s were the first that accepted multiple names on the SD card. Basically any model that uses the /Map folder to store additional mapsets will allow for file names like gmapsupp1, gmapsupp2, mymapsofohio, etc. On my nuvi 855, I can have two different Supplemental maps, both named gmapsupp, as long as one is in the nuvi and the other on the SD card. With this version I’m going one step further…

Mac users deserve a better keyboard

You can buy a new one, take your laptop to a professional technician and ask them to replace a new touchpad. You can operate your computer without a mouse thanks to the touchpad. If you have the “laptop cursor not working in Windows 10” issue, you may try a few different things to determine if the problem is with the Acer/Toshiba/Samsung/Lenovo/Dell laptop touchpad. If you want the touchpad exit code 0 minecraft enabled even when a mouse is connected, follow the instructions below. Once done updating your drivers, reboot your PC and then check if the touchpad shows up in Device Manager or not. If not, move on to the next solution to resolve the issue.

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